About HitHorizons

Our mission is to turn raw and mundane official data into a valuable asset for everyone.

We want to give everyone the opportunity to create sophisticated statistics & visualizations quickly and easily.

HitHorizons is a team of enthusiastic programmers, data analysts and data visualisation specialists with over six years of experience in the field of business data analytics.

The HitHorizons story

In 2016, we started developing the HitHorizons platform to present UK private companies’ data.

We have created a unique and innovative platform that uses business intelligence to mine every aspect of company's data that we can. We have designed dozens of features, statistics, charts, visualizations & heatmaps to help everyone understand the evolution of companies and entire industrial sectors across the diverse regions of the UK.

HitHorizons is now based on the official and regularly updated database of more than 6 million UK companies.

Our Background

In 2013, we founded FinStat with the aim of creating a platform to present data that had then been released for the first time by the Slovak government, in an accessible and comprehensive form.

Now with more than 6 years of experience, our team members have become leading professionals in their fields. The combined skills of our top financial and data analysts, data visualisation specialists and data processing engineers make up the backbone of our unique and diverse data platforms. HitHorizons consists of a multi-layered architecture of technologies including a primary data store, a custom-built reporting service and comprehensible visualization technology.

Now in 2019 the time has come for us to take our experience beyond Slovakia, and we are proud to announce our new project HitHorizons for the UK.

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