HitHorizons European Screener

European Screener

Get essential data of over 60 million companies across more than 60 countries (including the whole Europe) via our web-based application.

Find all European companies meeting your criteria. HitHorizons gives you the tools you need to analyse company data:

  • Ready data of more than 60 mil. companies
  • More than 15 filtering criteria
  • Create various ranking and sorts online
  • Explore detailed company profile
  • Export filtered list of companies to CSV

See how to create your own analyses with
HitHorizons European Database in 4 easy steps:

Step 1 Select specific company segment

Use more than 15 filters to compile a list of companies - choose among Location, Industries, Sales, Number of Employees and other criteria. This wide range of criteria allows you to cover any use case – from analyzing of all 60 mil. companies at once or studying well-defined sectors you are interested on– in easy to use interface.

Step 2 Sort companies

Our database allows you to sort by many values: Sales, Number of Employees, Name, Establishment of Ownership and Country. Create various rankings and TOP lists online. Find the biggest company, company with the largest number of employees or the oldest company in Europe.

Step 3 Explore detailed company profile

Just click on a company you are interested in and see all its data in one place. Advanced analyses of company sectors based on location data and industry classification (region, industry, country, SIC CODE etc.) are also included. Sales and number of employees data provide expanded company size rankings

Step 4 Download companies to CSV

For your detailed analyses work with selected company’s data in convenience of your own software by downloading data of companies to CSV.

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