HitHorizons Screener

HitHorizons Screener

Analyze individual industries or countries, understand particular markets and their size, get a grasp on the broader competitive landscape or pick companies you would like to collaborate with. HitHorizons Screener will get you the data you need for your market research.

  • Online database of more than 74 million companies
  • Over 60 countries including the whole Europe
  • 16 filtering criteria
  • Various sorting options
  • Individual company profiles
  • Data exported in CSV
  • Screener is available within our HitHorizons B2B API+ package

Get data you need in 4 easy steps

Step 1 Identify companies relevant to you

Focus on over 74M companies or narrow your list down via using 16 filtering criteria to compile a list of companies relevant for your analysis: company name, industry, SIC Code, establishment of ownership, company type, location type, address, street, postal code, town, state/province, country, sales, sales accuracy indicator, number of employees, employees number accuracy indicator.

Step 2 Sort companies you selected

HitHorizons Screener allows you to  sort companies based on a set of parameters (such as sales, number of employees, name, establishment of ownership or country) and create various rankings and lists. Identify top companies by sales and number of employees or identify the oldest players within the segment you are interested in.

Step 3 Explore individual company profiles

Choose any company within HitHorizons Screener and see its essential data in one place. Advanced analyses of individual companies’ sectors  based on location data and industry classification (region, industry, country, SIC CODE etc.) and expanded company size rankings based on sales and number of employees provide additional insights.

Step 4 Download data in CSV

Export data you need in CSV and analyze that data further within the software of your choice. You can download up to 50.000 company records in a single file. History of your data exports will be available in your HitHorizons account.

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