Impact of HitHorizons services described by our clients

Read our customers' stories and see how HitHorizons helped address specific challenges

Transportly is a tech company from Slovakia established in 2020. Our first product is a Transport management system for trucking/forwarding companies – a basic management tool specialized for companies providing transportation as their main service. In our app, each of our users keeps a directory of their business partners, and typing in company data manually was too time-consuming for them. To respond to our customer's needs, we have decided to implement the HitHorizons database in our app. Now, our users only type in the name of the company, and the rest of the data are filled in automatically from HitHorizons.

Since implementing HitHorizons, our users have been much happier with the overall workflow of our app. Our main goal is to save our users time compared to non-digital management of transportation, and the implementation of the HitHorizons database helped us to speed up the workflow for our users significantly.

By having an API connection to HitHorizons, we have achieved overall improvement in user satisfaction, eliminated one of our users' pain points and gained a new selling proposition to acquire new users.

LiquidSOL was founded in 2006 to save valuable diesel resources and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It serves about 800 customers in the commercial vehicle and construction-machinery sector in Europe and North America. The company helps its customers achieve sustainable and measurable fuel savings of 8–20 percent while increasing their vehicle and machine productivity. Aiming at sustainable growth, LiquidSOL recently restructured its processes, including implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365. Yet, in the logistics and construction sector, no high-quality purchasable address material exists. This is where HitHorizons came into play.

Facing the lack of plannability, scalability, and reliable address material common to business-to-business communications, LiquidSOL worked for many years exclusively on recommendations.

Further, in the fiercely competitive transport and logistics sector, satisfied customers found it challenging to recommend LiquidSOL to others, as this could reduce their competitive advantage.

In response, LiquidSOL decided to increase its visibility and actively engage in customer acquisition, first by adopting Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The IT company that implemented LiquidSOL’s Dynamics 365 Sales Professional instance recommended HitHorizons as a leading source for business addresses across Europe, including a wide range of additional benefits, such as filter options by industry, country, or region; number of employees; and many more.

The custom HitHorizons solution enables users to select actual existing companies, easily and in just a few minutes, and seamlessly import them into Dynamics 365 Sales Professional. This saves time and resources and reduces erroneous entries. For LiquidSOL, the investment in HitHorizons paid off immediately.

When combined, Dynamics 365 and HitHorizons provide LiquidSOL with a solid base to boost customer acquisition and process existing data transparently. Automation tools such as marketing lists and campaigns enable personalized addressing of customers within seconds. Dynamics 365 capabilities save the client significant time and work capacity.

By adopting the HitHorizons approach, LiquidSOL has increased efficiency by more than 90 percent in the maintenance of its customer data. The company has also seen a steep decrease in the proportion of misdirected communications.

HAKOM was founded by Stefan and his study partner more than 30 years ago after finishing their studies in technical mathematics. HAKOM Time Series is already being used by more than 100 companies all over Europe and even beyond. HAKOM provides a platform for companies to manage their Time Series. Time series are essential for energy markets and many other verticals: “Life is a Time Series”.

HAKOM’s marketing & strategy is inbound, so we use HitHorizons for preliminary checks of companies that want to talk to us. We check commercial stability, but the information also indicates what stage the potential client is in so we can better estimate how to help them. Smaller companies have entirely different needs than larger ones, and that is what we can see when we look at the figures in HitHorizons. Secondly, HitHorizons has allowed us to identify high potential target markets, so we do market research in countries very far along in their smart meter rollout, for example. We use the platform to screen the market for high potentials; for instance, we look for companies working in energy and who have 20M+ sales. The third significant use is that we integrated HitHorizons with our CRM system. Our expert did this with the help of HitHorizons in less than five hours of work, which was impressive. The contact data address information, homepage, VAT IDs, and other information are automatically available in the CRM, validated and synchronised.

The CRM synchronisation saves us more than two days of work per month, which we would otherwise be spent keeping the data validated and up to date. This is not very inspiring work, and we are happy that the HitHorizons integration can take care of that.

Other benefits include certainly:

  • ease of use
  • the swift technical integration with our CRM (close to “Plug and Play”)
  • the ease of testing with the API before the final integration
  • the affordable price.

The Zumtobel Group specializes in LED luminaires through their brands Zumtobel Lighting (founded 1950) and Thorn (founded 1928), as well as LED components, through the Tridonic brand. Although international today, the company has stayed true to its roots and its headquarters remains in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg in Dornbirn.
At Zumtobel, we use HitHorizons to better understand our customers and the coverage we have in different markets. We looked for an easy-to-use solution with a high cost-benefit and HitHorizons have fulfilled our requirements.

Part of staying at the top of the lighting sector includes being aware of what is going on around us, both in the lighting sector, as well as in sectors relevant to our business so we can identify potential customers and changing customer trends. What we needed for this exercise was a dataset of companies split by application and geography. With HitHorizons, we were able to select the SIC codes that fell into our applications and then toggle by country, giving us the information we needed to begin our deep dive into targeting potential customers.

With HitHorizons, we are able to understand our market share better with different customer groups and different applications, and we are able to steer our sales better by identifying customers with high potentials who weren’t on our radar and setting action plans to achieve our goals. It is still too early to measure our results but the initial feedback from our sales teams are very positive.

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