About HitHorizons

We are a team of enthusiastic software engineers, data analysts and data visualization specialists with over 7 years of experience in the field of business data analytics. Our mission is to turn raw and mundane official data from public sources into a valuable asset for everyone.

About HitHorizons Platform

HitHorizons is a data platform which allows its users to expand their understanding of companies they work with and partnerships they are exploring. We have aggregated data of over 60 million companies from Europe and several other regions and applied business and artificial intelligence to analyze and visualize that data.

HitHorizons’ special focus are sector analyses providing various lenses through which individual companies could be compared, analyzed and evaluated - by size ranking, sales, number of employees, region, industry, country, etc.

The result is a more comprehensive picture of the market, individual industries and companies, and their evolution over time – all accessible directly within ERP or CRM via API and via our HitHorizons.com web application.

An integral part of our platform is a UK company database which provides detailed insights into the business landscape of the United Kingdom and its individual regions. Our work with this database was the first step in the process of building a business data platform covering the whole of Europe.

HitHorizons data platform is run by FinStat, s.r.o - a data analytics company based in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Story Behind

We launched HitHorizons in 2019 after more than 2 years of development. The idea behind HitHorizons is rooted in our experience with building FinStat, a Bratislava based data analytics company founded in 2013. Our main goal within FinStat was to create a data platform which allows to visualize public company data in an accessible, user friendly and comprehensive form. Throughout the past several years, we learned that users often need to compare data across countries and that connecting data sources across Europe could be more efficient and scalable than focusing on countries one-by-one. That’s how the idea behind HitHorizons was born.

Today, FinStat delivers tools that enable (not only) entrepreneurs to assess credibility of Slovak private companies via data and solutions built on them. FinStat is currently the leading data analytics company in Slovakia and our team members have become the leading professionals in their respective fields. Combined skills of our financial and data analysts, data visualization specialists and data processing engineers make up the backbone of both of our data platforms.

Who Is HitHorizons For?

We designed every HitHorizons feature so that each aspect of data is used in the most effective and efficient way. Our platform is a great source of insights for B2B companies which need to identify new market opportunities, maintain and strengthen their competitive edge, or benchmark themselves and others within a region or an industry.

Do you want to know more?

Get in touch with us via email ask@hithorizons.com
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