About HitHorizons

We are a team of software engineers, data analysts and data visualization specialists with several years of experience in the field of business data analytics. Our mission is to turn raw and mundane data from public sources into a valuable asset for everyone

Our Story

We launched HitHorizons in 2019 after more than 2 years of development. The idea behind HitHorizons is rooted in our experience with building FinStat, a Bratislava based data analytics company founded in 2013. Our main goal within FinStat was to create a data platform which allows to visualize public company data in an accessible, user friendly and comprehensive form. Throughout the past several years, we learned that users often need to compare data across countries.That’s how the idea behind HitHorizons was born.

Today, FinStat delivers tools that enable (not only) entrepreneurs to assess the credibility of Slovak private companies via data. FinStat is currently the leading data analytics company in Slovakia.

Get in touch with us via ask@hithorizons.com
Where We Work
FinStat, s.r.o.
Plynárenská 7/B
Bratislava 821 09
Where Our Company Is Registered
FinStat, s.r.o.
Ľudmily Kraskovskej 1402/14
Bratislava 851 10
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