Terms and Conditions of Use of the HitHorizons Web Service

Art. 1 Introductory provisions

  1. The subject matter of these Terms and Conditions is the use of the www.hithorizons.com web service operated by FinStat, s. r. o. with its registered office at: Ľudmily Kraskovskej 1402/14, 851 10 Bratislava, Slovak Republic, corporate ID: 47 165 367, registered with: the Commercial Register of the Bratislava I District Court, section: Sro, entry No.: 89268/B (hereinafter as the “Operator”).
  2. These Terms and Conditions regulate the rights and obligations of unregistered visitors of www.hithorizons.com (hereinafter as the “Unregistered user”) and customers and registered users.
  3. Customers and registered users (hereinafter as the “Registered user”) of the www.hithorizons.com web service shall also follow the General Terms of Business available here.
  4. Each user is obliged to become acquainted with the terms of use of the www.hithorizons.com web service. By visiting and using the www.hithorizons.com website, the user confirms that he or she has been made familiar with these Terms and Conditions and approves them.

Art. 2 Contents and use of the www.hithorizons.com website

  1. The Operator of www.hithorizons.com provides publicly available free services as well as services for a payment, the price of which is specified in the General Terms of Business.
  2. The content of the www.hithorizons.com web service are individual software features provided free of charge or in return for a prepaid account, enabling in particular the creation of reports, analyses, filtering, viewing and exporting of data and economic or business information about companies in Europe.
  3. The copyright to the contents of the www.hithorizons.com web service is owned by the website Operator.
  4. The Operator shall not be liable for any damage or loss arising in consequence of use of the web service.

Art. 3 Personal data processing and protection

  1. FinStat, s. r. o., the company operating the www.hithorizons.com web service, fully respects and complies with the personal data protection requirements specified in the respective legal regulations, in particular Regulation (EU) 679/2016 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) (hereinafter as the “Regulation”).
  2. The Operator only processes personal data or Registered users, i.e. customers. The information on processing of personal data of customers and Registered users can be found here.
  3. The Operator does not process any personal data of Unregistered users of www.hithoritons.com . Personal data of Unregistered users is not used for profiling or for other forms of automated decision-making.

Art. 4 Restrictions and personal property rights

  1. Both the Registered user and the Unregistered user hereby acknowledge that the www.hithorizons.com web service, including all databases, data, data calculation methods and source codes, features, products, graphical views, user interface, text content, logos and designs contain proprietary information and materials owned by FinStat and protected under the respective laws regulating intellectual property rights and under other laws including, without limitation, the copyright law.
  2. The visitor undertakes not to copy, reproduce, modify, lend, lease, hire, repost, sell, disseminate, download or create derivatives of the protected information and materials and he or she shall not use the www.hithorizons.com web service or its parts subject to intellectual property protection in any unauthorised way including, without limitation, unauthorised access, unauthorised automated downloading or overloading of the network connection.
  3. The protected information and materials can only be used with a prior written consent from FinStat.

Art. 5 Service charges

  1. The www.hithorizons.com web service offers a) free public services, and b) services provided for a payment:
    1. The free public services include basic analytical and visual processing of data about individual European companies.
    2. The paid data services take the form of advanced, complex and analytical processing and visualisation of business data across Europe, enabling the creation of reports, sectoral, regional analyses, filtering, and viewing and exporting of data and economic information on 75 million companies in 60 European countries.
  2. The free service is publicly available to all Unregistered users at no charge within the scope technically available without user registration. To gain access to the advanced data services available for a fee, you must place an order electronically via the form or by e-mail to ask@hithorizons.com
  3. At this point in time, the paid services are available to customers and Registered users on the basis of a Service Agreement. The provision of the Services and the access to the Account shall not take place until after the successful payment of the price of the Services. Detailed information on the price, billing, service provision and agreement cancellation can be found in the General Terms of Business.

Art. 6 Final provisions

  1. These Terms and Conditions of Use of HitHorizons.com are valid from 01.10.2019.