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The personal data controller, FinStat, s. r. o., with its registered office at Ľudmily Kraskovskej 1402/14, 851 10 Bratislava, the Slovak Republic, Corporate ID No.: 47 165 367, incorporated in the Business Register of the Bratislava I District Court, Section Sro, File No. 89268/B (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), considers the data of visitors and users of its website, (hereinafter referred to as “data subjects”) to be of key value. Responsible and transparent handling of personal data as well as maximum security of such data is a prerequisite for maintaining the highest standard of business performance.

In particular, in accordance with the provisions of Article 12 of the GDPR, the Company has drawn up this document, which is aimed at informing data subjects of the operation of the website of FinStat, s. r. o., the use of cookies and the processing of personal data through cookies on the Company’s website

The Company places special emphasis on the protection of personal data and privacy of data subjects. This document describes the basic division of cookies, the way they function, and the way and extent of personal data processing through cookies on the Company’s website.

I. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small data file that a visited website saves on a website user’s computer. Cookies store and transfer information to the server of the website which is (repeatedly) visited by the user using the given browser / computer. A cookie also has a specific timestamp that defines its expiry date (for more information about the timestamp and the expiry date, see the section Session cookies and Persistent cookies).

II. Cookie categories

Cookies can be divided into four categories. The Company uses all types of cookies on its website.

1. Strictly necessary cookies

Strictly necessary cookies facilitate the usability of the website by enabling its basic features, e.g. page navigation. But for these cookies, the website would not work properly.

2. Preferences cookies

Preferences cookies allow a website to “remember” information that affects its use and design, e.g. the preferred country / preferred language.

3. Statistics cookies

Statistics cookies help website owners understand how visitors use these websites by collecting and reporting anonymized information.

4. Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies are used to track visitors to websites. They are intended to display ads that are more relevant to the individual user, and thus more valuable to third-party publishers or advertisers.

III. Session cookies and persistent cookies

1. Session cookies

Session cookies only exist in temporary memory while the user is on the website. Web browsers usually delete session cookies when a user closes a web browser. Unlike other cookies, session cookies do not have a set expiry date so that the browser “knows” that they are session cookies.

2. Persistent cookies

Unlike expiring after closing a web browser - as with session cookies - a persistent cookie expires on a specific date or after a specific time. This means that throughout the validity period, the cookie will transmit information to the server each time you visit the website to which it belongs, or whenever a user watches a source belonging to that website on another website (such as an ad).

Persistent cookies are used to record web browsing habits on a long-term basis and to log users into their accounts on an ongoing basis so that they do not have to re-enter their login details each time they visit the website.

IV. Cookie management

If the user does not agree to the use of cookies, they can disable them in the settings of their web browser. The user can also set their web browser so that it keeps the user informed whenever the website tries to save a cookie on their computer. Cookies already saved can be managed via a web browser.

For more information on how to view cookies stored in a web browser, how to delete them, and how to accept or disable them, the user is advised to visit the help page of the web browser they are using.

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