HitHorizons for Microsoft Dynamics

Get information about your customers, prospects and business partners automatically. HitHorizons links your Microsoft Dynamics with the database of 75M+ European companies using HitHorizons API and frees up time for more important tasks than searching for essential company data.

  • Autofill of essential information about European companies – sales, number of employees, registration data and more
  • HitHorizons can be linked to any version of Microsoft Dynamics
  • Get a free test drive of a prebuilt solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Benefits of linking HitHorizons to your Microsoft Dynamics

Free up time for more important work

Setup new accounts in a few seconds thanks to our autocomplete name search and company data autofill. Keep your existing accounts up to date by linking existing company records to our database.

Get to know your customers and business partners

Dive deeper into the information of your business partners and easily make data-driven decisions. Evaluate individual companies' market position via size ranking, sales and number of employees data.

Improve your B2B relationship management

Stay in MS Dynamics to get all the essential information – combine your stored data with data from the HitHorizons database to be able to see regional insights and TOP players.

Go way beyond company name and address

When it comes to data, details are everything. In addition to basic company data we provide regional and sector overviews to allow for better segmentation and insights and the discovery of new opportunities.

Gain data on 75M+ companies with one API integration

Automate manual search and data entry and generate a smooth and easy transition between your Microsoft Dynamics and a database of companies from 60 countries from the whole Europe and beyond. All in one place, one language, one format and in any version of Microsoft Dynamics.

Explore additional insights at HitHorizons.com

See the whole segment of similar companies, more detailed analysis of individual companies or sector analysis with various analytical lenses such as size ranking, sales, number of employees, region, and industry via our website.

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