HitHorizons API

Data on 78M+ companies from 60 countries in any software. Add 30+ data points to your CRM or other tools. No need to integrate and maintain dozens of local APIs. Go even further and find businesses similar to the ones you already work with using HitHorizons Screener, which is fully accessible when you connect our API to your tools and ecosystems.

HitHorizons API

Here is how our API can support your business growth

Create sales accounts in seconds

Our autofill feature will add company details (address, industry, etc.) into individual account fields. We will keep that information up to date. This will help you save time and minimize the amount of typos.

Don’t stop at company name and address

See individual companies’ market position without leaving your CRM. Compare businesses within their industries and countries, and identify top players. Fine-tune your customer segmentation with our regional and industry overviews available at hithorizons.com

Identify companies similar to your customers and partners with HitHorizons Screener

One click within your CRM lets you see a detailed company profile of your customer or partner at hithorizons.com. Explore that profile or proceed to HitHorizons Screener which will instantly identify businesses similar to the one you started with. Pick your leads and export them in CSV. Learn more about HitHorizons Screener.

Connect our API and your existing ecosystem

Our API is ready to be integrated with CRMs such as Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Slack, business intelligence and visualization tools such as Power BI, Qlik, and Tableau, ERPs such as Odoo and SAP, tools for building low-code apps such as PowerApps, and procurement software solutions.

Let us know if you would like to get detailed API documentation or a quote.

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Tibor Janoska - Account Manager Tibor Janoska Account Manager tibor.janoska@hithorizons.com

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