Dynamics 365 Extension

HitHorizons extension connects Microsoft Dynamics 365 to the database covering 74M+ European companies.

HitHorizons allows its users to expand their understanding of companies they work with and partnerships they are exploring. It adds data from various sources directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 via an extension and provides enriched insights at HitHorizons. The result is access to a more complete and complex picture of the market and individual companies based on data of over 74M companies from the whole Europe and beyond.

Enjoy all the benefits of HitHorizons right within Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • The whole Europe and beyond within one extension combined with access to a full version of HitHorizons
  • Increased data quality
    • All data in one format
    • All data actually filled-in
    • All data well structured
  • Regularly updated company data – there is no need to make checks or changes manually
  • Availability of data, which is not always easily accessible – sales, number of employees, sector analyses
  • Simple entry of new companies via an autocomplete search
  • Rankings and analyses based on individual companies’ sales and number of employees
  • Access to the extension covers your whole team
  • Flexible request limit which could be adjusted to your needs

HitHorizons Extend adds following functionality to your CRM:

Create new accounts via our autocomplete search
Autofill of new account data – registration data, sales and number of employees
Each account checked automatically to ensure all data is correct and updated
Your saved data can be easily merged with data from our database
HitHorizons dashboard offers up-to-date rankings and charts of individual companies
Companies entered within MS Dynamics could be easily sorted based on different criteria

Start using all the benefits of the HitHorizons extension

  • Intelligent data search of over 74M European companies directly within Microsoft Dynamics
  • Eliminate errors by relying on automatically completed and updated essential company data
  • Keep your existing accounts up to date by linking existing company records to our database

Try HitHorizons extension for free Explore the European companies database

Contact person

Monika Valentova - Head of Expansion Monika Valentova Head of Expansion monika.valentova@hithorizons.com