Make B2B prospecting and sales outreach in Europe more efficient with a tool that will find just the right companies

Our tools help you identify potential customers for your sales and marketing departments. Convert B2B prospects to B2B customers now.

First of all, you need to create an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), a set of characteristics of your ideal future customer. Your marketing department can then use this profile to make targeted advertising campaigns on social media or other channels. Your sales department, in turn, needs contact details of potential B2B customers to be able to reach out to them.

Sales prospecting is more complicated for sales departments because they must find relevant contact details for specific companies based on ICP. A cheap but complicated way is to search for prospects on the Internet. Why is it complicated? You have to search for companies individually, which is not very efficient. As an alternative, you can use national registers in individual countries, but these have a lot of shortcomings. They do not always contain all the data, and the data can not always be downloaded and analysed in bulk. Some exports need to be paid for.

Another option of finding the correct prospects is to use a B2B company database containing market insights. One such tool is HitHorizons Screener, which filters through data on more than 80 million companies from 60 countries (including the whole of Europe).

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HitHorizons Screener offers 18 filtering criteria that allow you to find business prospects for your sales department. For example, if you were a liquor wholesaler in Spain, you would need to find relevant retail distribution partners. Your search within HitHorizons Screener would need to use just 3 filters - the country you are interested in, industry, and SIC code. The goal is to find all relevant targets effectively and efficiently.

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HitHorizons Screener will show you 3,155 companies that match your filtering criteria. If you want to reduce the number of companies, you can also use sales performance as a filter - for example, companies with annual sales of 100 thousand euros or more. In this case, HitHorizons Screener will show you 1,047 companies that you can add to your database of prospects.

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If your company wanted to operate outside of Spain, for example, in France, the total number of companies found by HitHorizons Screener would be 10,670.

You can download filtered company data to CSV and analyse it further in Excel and any other analytical software you use.

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Sales departments can use HitHorizons Screener to find companies they have defined within the ICP and then use Linkedin, cold calling, or email to contact those companies directly.

Let us show you how HitHorizons Screener can help you find B2B prospects and turn them into your customers at

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