How to Do B2B Prospecting and Sales Outreach?

Our tools help you identify potential customers for your sales or marketing department. Convert B2B prospects to B2B customers now.

In the first step, you need to have created an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), which is a characteristic of an ideal future customer. The marketing department can use the ideal customer profile to target advertising on social media, for example. The sales department in turn needs contacts to potential B2B customers.

Sales prospecting is more complicated for the sales department because they have to find contacts for specific companies based on ICP. A cheap but complicated way is to look for prospects through an internet search engine. And why complicated? Because you have to search for companies individually, which is not the most efficient way. Alternatively, you can use national registers in individual countries, but these have a lot of shortcomings. They do not contain all the business data or the data can not be downloaded and analysed in bulk. Some exports are even for a fee.

The other option is to use a company database that also contains analytics. One such tool is our HitHorizon's Screener, which contains more than 75 million companies from 60 European and post-Sovietcountries.

The screener includes 18 filtering criteria that allow you to get to the business prospects you need for your sales department. For example, if you were a liquor retailer in Spain, four of the 18 filtering criteria would be enough. The first would be the country selection, the second would be the industry selection, the third would be the specific sic code selection and the fourth would be the sales interval. The target of your sales department is to reduce the selection interval as much as possible.

First select "all filters" in the screener on the left side of the screen and then select Spain, the Retail Trade sector and SIC code 5921 Alcoholic beverages in the bar on the left side.

The screener will show you 3155 companies that match your filter. If you want to reduce the number of companies, you can also use the revenue filter and set it to companies with revenues of 100 thousand euros or more per month. In this case, the screener will show you 1047 companies that you can include in your database of prospects.

Conversely, if your company had a larger sales department and wanted to operate outside Spain, for example in France, the total number of companies found would be 10,670.

You can export all the company data (name, address, sales, number of employees and contacts) to CSV and work with it further in excel. In total you can export up to 50 thousand companies at a time.

The sales department will use the screener to reach out to the companies they have defined within the ICP and then use Linkedin, cold calling or email to contact the companies. Screener helps with B2B prospecting and conversion from B2B prospects to B2B customers.

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